MINI Special Editions

Side view of MINI Untamed Edition next in a CGI world made up of 3D, Tetris-like boxes


Get ready to push the boundaries of fun in the new MINI Countryman Untamed edition, the car that's inspired by nature and shaped by adventure.

Side view of a MINI Clubman Untold Edition with agiant CGI, inflating, shiny, brass balloon coming from thedriver side of the car.


Discover the wild side of sophistication with the new MINI Clubman Untold Edition, the refined car with plenty of room for fun.

Overhead three quarter view of four MINI ResoluteEditions, a 2 Door, 4 Door, Convertible, and Electric, in a CGIworld filled with floating, multi color and multi texture balls.


Gather your friends and get ready to roll in the new MINI Resolute Edition, the car that was built to be outgoing and designed to make an impression.

Two MINI Seaside Edition vehicles side by side, the left one (Nanuq White) in a three-quarter front-left view and the right one (Caribbean Aqua) in a three-quarter front-right view, parked on a sandy beach.

MINI Seaside Edition.

Celebrate 30 years of the MINI Convertible with the Seaside Edition, an easy breezy 2024 Cooper S that's designed to let loose. Limited to 500 units in the U.S. and available in two weathered metallic body colors.